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The young elf leaned his head back against the cushions, watching the violet-skinned girl dry her hair. With those fragile wrists and tiny fingers, her small body curving forward, the delicate shapes of her spine and shoulderblades showing through the thin cloth of her undershirt, she was roughly scrubbing her head and horns without a hint of elegance or grace. She lowered the cloth and tossed her wet hair, sneezed, and smeared her nose against her arm; then she blinked as the boy began to laugh at her.

He restrained his chuckling and shook his head, a characteristic awkward smile twisting his lips, and waved apologetically at the glaring girl. "You are cute," he said, truthfully.

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The pain died down, though the ghost is still around.

And I feel good. I am very interesting.

Seol is asleep and smells very nice.

and I happy, happy, happy, happy, happy

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This is a story about a king who had one daughter. This young princess was famous throughout the small kingdom for her gentleness and wisdom, and the farmers and merchants would request her help with their disputes whenever she toured the towns and countryside. The people loved and trusted her judgment, and the king, too, loved her very much.

The eighth decenniversary of the princess's birth approached, and her father wished to host a banquet in her honor. But he found himself in a quandary. He wished to import the finest, rarest luxuries for her – the blushing peaches frosted with moonlight from the northernmost forests of Kalimdor or the fragrant violet berries plucked from the mountains of southern Terokkar. But his was but a small kingdom, and with his limited wealth, he could only furnish the banquet one of these two delicacies. Only the sweetest fruit in the world would do for his peerless daughter, and he did not know whether to trust the bards of Darnassus or those of Shattrath, who both sang paeans to the bounty of their respective homelands.

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Dear Seol!

Common of I gets better and better if I write.

This year holiday of Azeroth Hallows End is at Draenor also. I think last year it was also there. But last year I was sad and I feared to leave Shattrath. So I did not go. But this year I do not fear, and I am also happy to get candies for I and for Seol. So I am to go!

So I got a grifon. I wanted a wivern friend, but I do not speak orc, and people suspect someone purple on a wivern. People do not suspect a purple person on a grifon. A problem was that dwarves do not sell grifons but give a gift of a grifon to big people of the Alliance. I am not of the Alliance, so I got a grifon from a goblin with a lot of money.

It was not money of you. It was money of black smith work of I. I am so happy of I.

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Today Tiddia and I went to Quel'Danas to fight the Sunfuries as we planned.

Before we left I showed her M'uru's room. Shuuken found us by accident in Silvermoon and so I showed her, too. And Jelleneth came to the room while looking for Master Arimadios. I tried to explain my feelings but I do not think Tiddia and Jelleneth liked them very much. Maybe it is because my ideas are very full of pain or because it is a sort of feeling of a selfish child. But Tiddia said that she understood and did not hate me for it. Even if she thinks I am twisted if she understands that is enough.

Shuuken understood well, I think. I often think that Shuuken understands me well. I think that this means I am much like a mad shaman and am not sure if I should be happy or worried about this.

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Maybe I overdid it. In any case, after the last letter, I think things will get better. I will not give up.

But I am still feeling a bit cranky so I came down here to rest a little bit before I go back to the apartment. Because although I want to make her understand I do not want to hurt her by coming home with a tearful face or to say something selfish and upsetting because I wasn't thinking calmly. And I cannot go home to Astrolabe for this purpose because if I tell her about this incident I think she will just get angrier with Tiddia and probably get angry at me too.

And while I was lying down here and thinking about the letters I think I figured something out that I need to write down before I forget.

The reason that I cried so much when I met A'dal and the other naaru in Shattrath for the first time.

It was not because being near to the naaru makes me feel the pangs of the Light in my chest, the sorrow and suffering of the Light - that is the reason I still cry and the reason I feel so much pain near them.

But the reason that I cried so much the first time, which I did not understand very well at the moment, was, I think...

that the naaru saw my pain and looked at me and said, "we feel it, too."

and then Astrolabe came to me and felt it, too...

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By the Light

I am glad that Tiddia does not actually hate me and says she will try to be kinder to me and maybe she does indeed accept my love. And she listened to me explain the problem with the peace of the Scourge and she hopefully heard me and it is all good but

By the Light.

By the Light.

B y   t h e   L i g h t .

If I really had to I would do it

But I think that Astrolabe must have misunderstood Tiddia's Common. Right?

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I can't stand this sound.

I can't stand the sound of the trampling and crushing and stomping that is supposed to be the healing. I can't stand the sound of the wish that took so much courage to wish for being chewed upon. I can't stand the sound of that tiny desire and hope being crumpled. He is crying and I   c a n ' t   s t a n d   t h e   s o u n d.

Stealing love from an innocent and weak, beautiful heart that struggles against all that weight to love at all, it's not fair. Laughing away unconditional love, painful love, it's not fair. It's evil. It's unforgivable.

I can't allow her to keep torturing him.

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I did not die. I was saved by the very kind Lady Elayia, for whom I must write harder, and the not-a-paladin Kriegus, and by Ruepert who took considerable risks for my sake, and by Tiddia.

Tiddia came to look for me. She did not go to the necromancers. She came back to the Cathedral to look for me because I was late. I am so happy that she did not go to the necromancers. I am so happy for her soul.

But I think that it is like I thought, and that Tiddia does not want anything to do with me anymore.

No matter how hard I try, what I do, as sincere as I try to be

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Guest post by Lynod

Dearest Helaah,

I should be happy today. Today I have truly gained a son. Today I have seen my daughter's greatest wish realized. I have thought about this occasion for decades, planning little scenarios and feeling a rush of pride and joy within my breast.

I feel none of that today, however, which confirms the selfishness within me. I, we, Helaah have lost Astrolabe to adulthood. I have always delighted in the precociousness that has dwelled in our strange, beautiful daughter, but I feel like it has brought me heartache now. I expected that I had decades before my precious flower was plucked, and I suppose I did not expect it despite all of the signs of burgeoning.

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I did not learn a thing today.

Terokkar is pretty and dangerful. Mother of I is cold, but loves very much and does hard things to make child of she happy. Father of I is flake-ful and kind. Paladins are bad. Tiddia is not bad, inside. I am not a pretty woman who wears a dress. I felt windy and weird. Astrolabe is to wear pants, I think.

Seol is a pretty man of I love all of he. I love you. I am at the side of you. I stay and follow and we are married.

Everything is old. I did not learn a thing today.

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I think it is seven hours before the sun rises. I will be sorry if I wake you up because I am writing this. But I cannot sleep. I think I am a little bit sick or scared from making the sausage still. Or maybe I am just scared.

The thing that is strange? We will not marry tomorrow. We are husband and wife more than three weeks now! But I still have nerves in my stomach. I think it is that nice clothes, special food, and a ritual and recitation give me something for my worrying to be about.

But, I did not finish the verses to recite. And I still do not know if I want incense or candles. It is not important, I know. It is only a little pretty picnic, and we only need to rest and to enjoy. But I want to make it right.

But I do not have to wake you. Already, I know you will say: "It is right because it is of Seol and Astrolabe, and that is all that is important."

Good night, Astrolabe.

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I am sorry. Tiddia went, and where I do not know. I think I did it of cause of I talked with Zula Slag Fury all day, of I want to learn of to black smith, of to make armor for little ones of Shattered Sun and to make money for husband of I, ... and I did not talk to Tiddia and make she safe feelings.

I am sad, to be friendy with she is hard but I think you are correct, the self inside is not bad. Just normal, she interests, like any person. And to understand she is hard but for people to understand I is hard so I feel sad and I feel I understand(?) (have feelings of solidarity) to feel to stand in to be same. But I did not know how to say I understand so I did not say a thing and we were not friends.

Paladins are really bad, bad.

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Of the cause that you are smart but a little stupid, this night, I ask again. But I make the test more easy:

Multiple choice!!

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Stupid failure face!

I asked him what my
best feature is and he said my MIND!!!

He should go break his back and see if I care, stupid shit husband!

Also, don't forget to buy salt, Briarthorn, wool, Eternal Lifes, and oil.

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Father was angry of he thought we had a wedding and did not ask him to come. He did not know we did not have a wedding. But I think of something.

I and you married. We did not have a wedding of no Aldor ritual, no Alliance and Horde marriage law etcetera. So, I am wife of you, and you are husband of I, of knowledge of we. I am happy with this, but I think.

We will do something? For father and others? So they are not angry of "we were not asked." You dislike this? Or it is nice, maybe?

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I hate paladins.

Answer for Seol:

I do not know how. Just to move to pleasure and away from not pleasure. It is too hard for you, you move away from not pleasure only. And we are happy to be with Astrolabe and Seol. Not to be correct. But to be happy.

It is our heresy of to kiss.

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