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Because of inconsistencies/weirdness in WoW timeline, I'm making a new timeline of ALL my characters, and also other people's characters who are closely related to mine, to help me keep my head on straight!

Sargeras's betrayal etc.
The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (begins)

The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (ends)

Charge of the Dragonflights
The Waking World and the Well of Eternity

Start of the War of the Ancients

Exile of the High Elves

The Founding of Quel'Thalas

The Troll Wars

The Guardians of Tirisfal

The Awakening of the Dwarves

The Seven Kingdoms

Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt

Helaah is born in Shattrath.

War of the Three Hammers

Allena Sunmark is born on her parents' estate in northern Quel'Thalas.

Alev Sunmark is born on his parents' estate in northern Quel'Thalas.

Kil'jaeden discovers Draenor and begins his attempts to convert the orcs.

An incident in Allena and Alev's backstory. Allena is 53 (13) and Alev is 31 (8).

Astrolabe is born in Tuurem to Abelar and Helaah, who is 173 (20).

Galenos is born in Tranquillien.

Jiel Mornherald is born in Fairbreeze Village.

Medivh born, etc.

Chryseth Keenblaze is born in Silvermoon City.

The Shadow Council has thoroughly corrupted the orc clans and changed the Hellfire Peninsula to what it looks like today.

Cosimo Eschatos Starlore is born in Dalaran.

Seol'rae of Plumfall dies suddenly in Silvermoon; his wife Chihra Plumfall survives him, pregnant with their only child.

Seol Plumfall is born in Silvermoon City to Chihra Plumfall.

Jia Augustlight is born in Silvermoon City to Ellei Augustlight.

Pietro Caro is born in Lordaeron.

Alev (114 [25]) and Iselle Fairwind (107 [23]) become engaged.

Jiel (51 [12]) stops going to school.

Alev is disgraced (unrightfully; his parents blame him for a falling out between the Sunmarks and the Fairwinds in order to hide their own wrongdoing). His engagement with Iselle is broken off and he is appointed a mere guard captain in Silvermoon despite his noble rank. He is 119 (25).

Rise of the Horde(?)

Warcraft (I)
First War

Warcraft II

Jindok Silverbuckle is born on Kezan to Gukban and Uija Silverbuckle.

Warcraft II-X
Battle of Grim Batol

Stelagosa hatches in Coldarra.

Jiel leaves home and joins the Silvermoon City guard; there he meets Alev. Jiel is 64 (15); Alev is 128 (27).

Warcraft III
Third War; fall of Lordaeron and Quel'Thalas.
Pietro (42) dies and is raised as an ordinary undead.
Jiel (74 [17]) dies and is raised as something like a "death squire" to the death knight who killed him.
Alev (138 [29]) loses his eye in the defense of Silvermoon. He later breaks his leg, which is improperly healed and results in a limp.
Seol's mother Chihra dies in Silvermoon.
Jia's parents die in Silvermoon. Jia is 44 (11).
Seol and Jia are sent to Quel'Danas before the Scourge arrive; there, the "incident at Quel'Danas" occurs. Seol is 48 (12); Jia is 44 (11).
The Silverbuckle family immigrate to Ratchet. Jindok is 13 (8).

Pietro is liberated with the rest of the Forsaken.
Seol and Jia return to Silvermoon and become sin'dorei. Seol is 49 (12); Jia is 45 (11).
Alev moves to Ratchet. He subsequently becomes indentured to the Silverbuckle family in Ratchet due to his drug-related debts. Alev is 139 (29); Jindok is 14 (8).

22 (2004)
Alev bargains with Uija Silverbuckle and gets leave to visit Silvermoon and become sin'dorei, with the condition that he is legally responsible for any orphans matrilineally descended from her. Alev is 140 (29); Jindok is 15 (9).

23 (2005)
Alev attempts suicide by overdose of laudanum; he survives due to his high tolerance for morphine and because Jindok discovered him and took him to a healer.
Jindok (16 [10]) begins training as a warlock in Orgrimmar.

24 (2006)
An incident in Allena and Alev's backstory. Allena is 164 (34) and Alev is 142 (30).
Jiel's former knight dies; at this point, his proper memories of undeath begin. He becomes battle-partners with Othelria.

25 (2007)
26 (2008)

26 (2008) Fall
Jiel joins the reformed Knights of the Ebon Blade following the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel.

27 (2009) Summer
Seol is initiated into the Blood Knights. He is 55 (13-14).
Seol rents an apartment in Silvermoon for him and Jia. Jia is 51 (12).
Galenos returns to live in the Plumfall apartment.

27 (2009) Fall
Cosimo is exiled from Dalaran and takes refuge with the Plumfalls in Silvermoon. Cosimo is 61 (15).
Pietro is hired by Seol as a tutor for Jia.
Seol moves to Shattrath, buying a house for himself and Astrolabe's family.
Seol and Astrolabe declare themselves married and hold a small ceremony outside Shattrath. Astrolabe is 92 (~14).

27 (2009) Winter
Jiel returns to Silvermoon for the first time since his liberation.
Jiel returns to Northrend.
Jiel meets Larkspur Plagueheart and Krenyn Bloodflame.

28 (2010) Winter
Jiel meets Haken.
Jiel and Othelria are estranged, making Haken Jiel's primary partner.
Haken chooses not to return to the Lich King. Jiel and Haken subsequently become lovers.

28 (2010) Spring
Jiel and Haken more or less move out of Acherus and repair a house in the Eastern Plaguelands.
Jiel and Haken come to a milestone in their relationship.

28 (2010) Summer
Alev terminates his contract his original contract with the Silverbuckle family and becomes a freeman. Alev is 146 (31); Jindok is 21 (15).

Character's ages in 28 (2010):
Helaah: 266 (~25)
Allena Sunmark: 168 (~34)
Alev Sunmark: 146 (~31)
Astrolabe: 93 (~14)
Galenos: 87 (~20)
Jiel Mornherald: died at 74 (~17), counting undead years is now 82 (~19)
Chryseth Keenblaze: 70 (~16)
Cosimo Eschatos: 62 (~15)
Seol Plumfall: 56 (~14)
Jia Augustlight: 52 (~13)
Pietro Caro: died at 42, counting undead years is now 50
Jindok Silverbuckle: 21 (~15)

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