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Who's who! And links to labeled posts, so you can search for every post that mentions a certain character.

Every character who was EVER mentioned should be in the table of contents.

My characters:
Seol Plumfall is a blood elf paladin. Very young – barely adolescent - he nevertheless serves as a Blood Knight. An idiot Somewhat slow-witted, but a deep thinker and gentle soul. Following an accidental engagement, he became the husband of Astrolabe, whom he now practically worships.
Astrolabe is a draenei paladin not-a-paladin-ever! Also very young, but gifted in manipulation of the Light. Though intelligent and compassionate, Astro has been held back by prejudice against her Broken parents and a thought disorder; others perceive her as anything from "odd" to "loopy and psychotic."
Jia (Jiajia) Augustlight is a blood elf mage. One of the children who weathered the Third War in Quel'Danil, Jia was adopted as a younger sister by Seol when they returned to Silvermoon. An extremely bright child who prefers the study of engineering to that of magic and the company of cats to that of people.
Galenos is a blood elf hunter. A mute young man who was once a servant to the Augustlight, he has found his way back to Jia and now lives with her, acting as a housekeeper, porter, and bodyguard on occasion.
Helaah is a draenei hunter. Astrolabe's mother, a former priest who lost her powers upon becoming Broken. Serious, intelligent, and courageous, she was the primary protector of her family during the war, helping them to safely travel and hide.
Pietro Caro is an undead priest. In life, a gentle schoolteacher whom no one would have suspected of blasphemous thoughts; in undeath, a run-of-the-mill alchemist of no special distinction. Jia met this learned man in the Ruins of Lordaeron and took a liking to him; Seol subsequently hired him as a tutor.
Cosimo Eschatos, once Cosimo Eschatos Starlore but no longer, is a blood elf mage. He has only recently joined the ranks of the sin'dorei after being cast out of Dalaran. An intelligent boy and promising mage who has an unfortunate immature and selfish streak.

Friends, family, and enemies...?
Other characters who have been mentioned at all in the blog, linked for your stalking pleasure.
Abelar is a draenei mage. Astrolabe's father, a former priest who lost his powers upon becoming Broken. He now lives in the Lower City of Shattrath with his family, working as an inscriber and trying to help Astrolabe master the Light he can never again touch.
Juneila Keth'lan is a blood elf hunter. A friend of Seol's late mother Chihra and one of the Farstriders who smuggled children out of Eversong during the Third War.
Kai Arimadios Indarys is a blood elf paladin Blood Knight. He is Seol's superior and often tries to act as a mentor to the baby Knight, despite their completely different personalities.
Jelleneth Dawnsinger is a blood elf hunter, and a privateer (not pirate!) She befriended Seol when he was assigned to Booty Bay and has been a kind presence in his life.
Tiddia "Ronch" Dix is an undead Death Knight. She was visiting Silvermoon at the time that Seol was applying to the Blood Knights and encouraged him. Since then, she and Seol have had many deep discussions about the Light... or maybe they were deep, it's hard to tell when one speaks broken Orcish and the other broken Common. (on wranet)
Terowyn Valos is a blood elf paladin, a fellow Blood Knight Master. She may also be more shy and socially awkward than Seol, which was quite a shock.
Shuuken is an orc shaman who, through a very convoluted series of events, came to bear a tattoo designed by Seol on her buttocks. She has come to have a deep attachment to Seol... somehow, don't ask him!
Motoka is a night elf rogue who befriended Astrolabe in Stormwind. It troubles Astrolabe that one who reminds her so much of Seol is in the Silverwings fighting the Horde.
Corafel Velasyn is a blood elf paladin on whom Seol was asked to keep an eye. Seol, however, has been treating her more like a fondly-protected subordinate.
DeVroe is a human paladin and old friend of Ronch, from the days that she was the living Tiddia. She and Seol are at least managing awkward motions of friendship.
Miles Campion is a human paladin, a Scarlet Crusader. Seol (and Astrolabe) formed a rather negative impression of him in Stormwind, seeing him as a cruel and dogmatic paladin, typifying the enemies of their heresy.


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