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By the everloving Light, Jia.

So we meet up in the Blasted Lands, with all those killer hyenas and DEMONIC BOARS, and they're all dirty from traveling for days and the man's arm is even bleeding, and when Pietro and I come up to them crying and? When we say that Master Plumfall already asked some Shattered Sun soldiers to escort us to Shattrath? She got mad. It wasn't even "let's go home," what the fel.

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We located Miss Jia, at the border between the Swamp and the Blasted Lands.

But L.

When Cosimo and I were traveling in the Swamp, we nearly ran into a party of travelers from the Alliance. You never know if they're the type to parlay or shoot first, so we concealed ourselves and waited for them to pass. But with my bad eyes and my ear I was not able to monitor their location, and the poor boy was very frightened and confused and not of much use, so I slipped into his mind a moment to use his eyes and ears.

And I suppose my power must have grown over the years somehow even though I did not often practice them in Undercity, for I was not only able to see what he saw and hear what he heard, but I heard what Cosimo heard through his left ear, through my left ear.


Here it is. Here is the key, the tool, the organ remade.


Within my grasp again.

Seol 55 ← Pietro 8 → Cosimo 4
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So I'm running out of RAF, and so I powered Jia and Galen and Pete and Cosimo up to 60.

And if you thought they had horrible outfits before... ... ... you have no idea.

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Now I will write down the things that happened in Silvermoon because I have calmed down. But by the Light you have strange ideas of what is humorous

My sister went on a trip. I am not as worried as Pietro is. When Jia began to go on outings with Galenos I was very worried, but actually he is very intelligent and good with a bow and Jia is as safe traveling with him as she is traveling with any Farstrider. And Jia is not just a good mage, but she is very sensible and does not do silly things. She will stay by the roads and travel in a group and go from Horde post to Horde post. In that way she really is a lot smarter than her brother who goes to try to make friends with the Alliance every few months.

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It seems the young master was incorrect about Miss Dix's intentions! This is wonderful.

I think the black and gray suits her the best, whereas the cream was absolutely horrifying and must go immediately. I would have liked to use more white, but the leakage from her neck is a concern. (Actually, that is a concern in general. I ought to ask her why she hasn't had that fully repaired yet.)

However, a situation did arise after Miss Dix settled down and busied herself with writing. I went out to check on the cats and found Cosimo, whom we thought to be asleep, packing some items (which did not quite belong to him) into a knapsack. Either he is not quite as obtuse as I first thought him and figured out Miss Jia's destination or he was planning to pick a random direction in the hopes it would be the right one. He was nearly hysterical, and I was unable to talk him out of his plan. And although I do think if we travel together, we might be safe, I cannot just take off with my business in limbo and Miss Dix to entertain and suits to return. And I was concerned he would simply teleport or burn down the house if we locked him into the master bedroom.

So I drugged him.

I sent a message to the young master by Extra Express. If the boy can't see reason, then perhaps Master Seol can escort him. Or I could -- never been to Shattrath, after all! What fun! And I suppose in theory Miss Dix could, though I suspect from her temperament and relationship with the child that she might abandon or eat him along the way.

Perhaps she'll be tasked with housesitting.

Oh L. have mercy on the young master's soul.

Cosimo 3 ← Pietro 7 → Seol 45
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No, I can't just go to sleep.

Stela, she was so short and small, but there was no person, no danger of which she was afraid. She was clever and brave and did not suffer any sort of arbitrary obstacles or illogical rules. Of course sometimes she would lose and she would get frustrated and sad, and sometimes she'd just plain be wrong about whatever and have to change her stance, but no matter how many times she'd lost she did not give up her deep wishes. She did not wall herself up and stop listening to her feelings, stop believing in the deep truth of her feelings. She was really strong.

Stela with her red hair and her third set of teeth that was kind of crooked. Stela who would kick a boy in the face if he deserved it, even if she was wearing a skirt. Stela who was reading material five years ahead of schedule, Stela who maybe was smarter than even I.

Stela is maybe dead because of me.

I've got to help Jia.

Pietro 6 ← Cosimo 3 → Pietro 7
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Oh dear.

Miss Jia and Galenos ran off today while I was out with Cosimo. From the tone of their letter I am afraid they are going to Outland, an entirely inappropriate place for a small child to be, no matter how clever she thinks she is. Cosimo is distraught and I dare not mention that I suspect that Outland was her destination because he will surely go charging after her... and I am quite sure that, despite his advantage in years, he is much less competent than Jia.

And then the young master came home in tears saying that he has angered Miss Dix and that she will not be coming home to us. By L.! What am I supposed to do with this suit now??

-- I should not be worrying about such trivial things as suits when the two boys are crying themselves sick over the loss of their friends.

And Miss Dix is not coming home to us? Will she be safe wandering the Horde alone? Such an innocent soul -- so many scheming, handsome, clever rogues would take advantage of her.

I think I will miss her a great deal.

Astrolabe 24 ← Pietro 6 → Cosimo 3
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Many levels have passed since the last update. What horrible clownsuits await you under the cut?

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L., is this the beginning of death-related dementia or is Miss Dix trying to flirt with me?

This is a hilarious and fascinating development. I think I will sit back and see what happens next.

Checotan has not yet replied to my letter. Given the time our correspondence seems to take, he must be traveling quite far. I wonder where -- I thought tallstriders were native to Mulgore?

Miss Jia and Cosimo are treating each other rather poorly; doubtless the beginnings of a young elven romance. I believe Galenos believes this as well, as he has been sulky and unfocused during our sign language lessons. Adorable and a bit disturbing.

Living with this family is a delight.

Cosimo 2 ← Pietro 3 → Pietro 4
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Why is everyone so mean to me?

I never did anything bad. I never did anything wrong. I never hurt anyone, but nobody likes me. The death knight lady and some orc picked on me today. Why does everyone pick on me? And then Jia was angry at me. Everyone hates me for bad things that I didn't do.

I tried hard and I studied so much and I tried really hard to be a good son and a good student and a good big brother to Stela and now my family hates me and the magi hate me and I'm in a house full of strangers in Silvermoon and I can't sleep because the fel is hurting my stomach.

I want to go home but I can't.

Abelar 4 ← Cosimo 2 → Pietro 3
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Dear Stela,

Where are you? What are you up to right now? I hope you're not dead somewhere safe and having fun learning. I wish I could be with you to help you with your studies but it looks like I may not be able to come home [smudged out]

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Jialen hit 40! ... and will probably stay there for a good while. Peteimo, meanwhile, have hit 15, and I'm preparing to run myself through RFC.


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So I made another RAF duo Hordeside... and instead of doing something+hunter like an intelligent person, I made a priest and a mage.


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An idea from Ronch. Waste a whole afternoon going through TV Tropes and picking out ones that match my characters!

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