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[in a blocky, somewhat wobbly script, as if the stylus used to write it had been gripped in a clumsy, childlike fist:]

Mayhue,   Elise.

In Stormwind without death, injury.

Hurried, crowded, noisy, dangerous, and shelter for one night.   Tomorrow, the sea.

Kindness for the snarled and strange is rare.   I would repay with like, but have this only.


[Enclosed, with enormous care taken to protect it from leaks or breaks, is a small vial containing a dark brown, resiny oil. If opened to take a whiff, the scent is quite powerful, reminiscent of Northeronian religious incense.]

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To that depraved, eccentric, and thoroughly silly rune-dilettante, Ellysse:

Good to hear that neither you nor I have been crisped by the marauding black dragonflight as of yet; I wouldn't want to be deprived of my favorite target for potshots and inappropriate propositions. I suppose that if you're out of the Wetlands the greater threat is now your following a ley line right off a cliff or wading into a tar pit after something shiny. It's no wonder that humans reproduce so fast -- got to replace all those adults lost to their own stupidity.

Don't try to set yourself apart from those types, o green city girl who chooses as her first adventure a two-man romp through hostile wilderness during the winter months. Although I suppose that if you perish somewhere in the snowy mountains of Quel'thalas I'd be able to track down your body and raise it as a ghoul (and thereby make you more useful and companionable to me than you have ever been!) I really don't have the time, inclination, or cleated climbing boots to do so. And, furthermore, my current Fluffykins is an excellent assistant, and a lumbering, brain-sucking undead Ellysse would probably be a step down in quality.

And so unless you elect to mail yourself to Acherus to spare me the trek, I'd recommend you take appropriate precautions against an early icy end. I've enclosed some help with that, as I doubt you are competent enough to locate some by yourself, though if you prefer the first option you should find enough coins enclosed to cover the postage. Unless you've gained considerably since I saw you last, in which case: you're fat.

With love and holiday cheer,

[enclosed, a somewhat clumsily-knitted but still-warm blanket.]

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I'm all right. Are you? I don't know how long this will take to get you but write back immediately when it does.

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My dear Amy,

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write to you. I could list a myriad excuses, blame the civil unrest in city, or complain to you about the hassle and heartbreak of untangling myself from my mothers and fathers within the Church, but I can't help but think that by doing so I would imply that those things are more important to me than my friendship with you, and that isn't true. And so all I can do, I suppose, is hope you accept my apologies.

I'm writing this from Lakeshire... )
seol_plumfall: (empty) kept its gaze steady on the hippogryph as she drew closer, cocked her head, and began to tentatively beak at the rising stream of smoke. )

It didn't move, didn't speak, not until the hippogryph had drawn back to peer at the knight with critical amber eyes. It leaned back, then, to take pipe in hand once more and look sidelong at the Sentinel, Scourge-blue eyes narrowed. "She has a name," came that dead voice, soft and low. "It's Bonnie."

It took a moment for Atalania to recover her wits... )

[the remainder to be posted later!]
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"Catch anything good?"

I look over my shoulder only briefly at the man who's dropped to a crouch beside me; he's smiling hesitantly, shoulders hunched. It's a smile full of inarticulate masculinity, a fear-grimace he wears when he realizes he can't dance around whatever embarrassingly emotional topic is about to come up. The smile is worse, in a lot of ways, than any of his snarls or grimaces. I look back at the sea.

The pause is awkward and long and noisy, the sighs of the waves competing with the pounding of the blood in my ears. )

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I'm sorry for          I hope you're not angry at me     mad at me for saying nasty   all in a snit for telling you like it is because that isn't what my Ellysse is like.

Anyway, I hope you had a fun Hallow's End down there in the south. Just in case you didn't get anything at all, like a friendless, rank old cat lady except without the cats, here's a trick and a treat for you.

Write soon,

[enclosed, a flipbook depicting Amirael engaged in a lewd and nasty -- to a comically exaggerated degree -- striptease, discoloration and rot rendered in unflatteringly photorealistic detail. Thankfully, when the pants come off, a knobby, floating pickle obscures the worst of it from view.

And in a box beneath it, a 'necklace' made of delicate, glass-like candy beads.]

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Dear Brother Sandy,

I am that eccentric former sister about which I am sure dear Mayhew has already related a great deal of bizarre and humorous anecdotes. He may also have told you about diffuse plans of mine to leave Stormwind and travel the land, with the possibility of accompanying me as an armed escort; the letter that will be accompanying mine will, I believe, let you know that these plans have become rather less speculative in the past few weeks and that we will begin heading north very soon.

Human adolescents ask so many questions. )
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Dear Amy,

I hope you have been faring well and not suffering too much torturous anticipation of my next letter. My apologies for getting it out so late; when not madly fiddling with your not-so-furry friend (which I do hope that dear boy Chry has delivered to you by now -- I would not like to know what sort of depraved thoughts might be running through your twisted little head upon reading those words, if he has not) or enjoying the seasonal festivities a bit more than a priestess probably had ought, I have been distracted by all manner of thoughts.

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Seated near the door (at a table Alevh often chooses, in fact,) is a human woman, garbed in a simple priest's robe and a cheap-looking pirate hat, perhaps something purchased in Booty Bay. She's a toasted bagel on a plate on the table, but she hasn't touched it yet; currently in front of her is a small clockwork with which she is tinkering. It resembles a small rodent, and... is rather creepy, considering it hasn't had the external plating applied, a skeleton of rods and wires with huge googly eyes.

It's the rodent-like construct that catches his interest -- its tender gets a curious glance but once the young elf sees what she's looking at, his gaze is fixed on it and he approaches, hands stuffed into trouserpockets. He leans close, closer than is probably polite, but doesn't obstruct her view or try to touch it.
Cross-faction AIM RP between Ellysse and Chryseth! )
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Dear Amy,

I can't tell you how happy I was to receive your letter. Reading it was so like chatting with you over the anvil, it brought a smile to my face. The pages even have that slightly fermented fleshy smell and the mysterious little stains -- it really brings me back.

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Dear Amy,

I thought I would write to let you know I arrived back home safely and without incident. Luckily, too, as a summer storm came blowing in off the Great Sea right after my ship came to port. It's the season for tempests here; when it's not pouring and thundering, we get to broil under the sun. Quite a change, after spending so much time up north! Once upon a time I was used to this climate, and now I can't even quite imagine how I coped as a girl. Even a linen habit feels oppressively hot; I'm almost tempted to strip and walk the streets naked, but even if one disregards the danger of sun-burn, the law regrettably forecloses that choice.

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The young elf leaned his head back against the cushions, watching the violet-skinned girl dry her hair. With those fragile wrists and tiny fingers, her small body curving forward, the delicate shapes of her spine and shoulderblades showing through the thin cloth of her undershirt, she was roughly scrubbing her head and horns without a hint of elegance or grace. She lowered the cloth and tossed her wet hair, sneezed, and smeared her nose against her arm; then she blinked as the boy began to laugh at her.

He restrained his chuckling and shook his head, a characteristic awkward smile twisting his lips, and waved apologetically at the glaring girl. "You are cute," he said, truthfully.

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I went to the Cathedral of Stormwind, the way you asked. And I prayed for the health of the Light and for the peace of the Alliance and the Horde to you can sit in the pews some day also, the way you asked. And I tried to see the beautifulness of the building to carry the hope and sadness of Stormwind, the big stone boat, the way you asked. I tried to forgive it and see the beautifulness of it, the way you asked. But I could not do it very well because paladins kill and torture and break knees of "bad people" in the court yard every day I go to it.

You still say a human paladin, to use the shadow of the Cathedral to excuse any thing he does, any cruel thing, is the brother of you?

You have a bad, bad family.

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Astrolabe, sweet of my heart,

I feel much better today. Yesterday I was able to go to the market and the tavern in Shattrath to look for foods and wines for Jelleneth. I met her at the tavern and I talked to her without becoming frightened, too. I was even able to talk about that man who I dislike frightens me without feeling frightened. I think I shall send him some cupcakes, and Jelleneth suggested some sweets from Draenor, so that he does not suspect ill will from me. For whatever my selfish personal feelings may be, he is Jelleneth's unworthy suitor dear friend and I must not allow bad feelings to grow between us.

And today I was able to go to Orgrimmar and buy lots of candy and things to cook. Talking to the strangers did not make me feel frightened at all because I was so excited about cooking with you and sending the gifts to people. I feel better. I feel at ease.

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