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The young elf leaned his head back against the cushions, watching the violet-skinned girl dry her hair. With those fragile wrists and tiny fingers, her small body curving forward, the delicate shapes of her spine and shoulderblades showing through the thin cloth of her undershirt, she was roughly scrubbing her head and horns without a hint of elegance or grace. She lowered the cloth and tossed her wet hair, sneezed, and smeared her nose against her arm; then she blinked as the boy began to laugh at her.

He restrained his chuckling and shook his head, a characteristic awkward smile twisting his lips, and waved apologetically at the glaring girl. "You are cute," he said, truthfully.

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You know that I do not like when you leave suddenly. But I know you will be extra sweet to me when you return to make me feel better.

I could not convince Jia to return to Silvermoon. She said that to make her go I would have to bend her body under my strength or I would have to arrest her as a Master. And she knows I will not do these things, so she won. She, Pietro, and Cosimo ^and Galenos are staying on the Scryers Tier. Pietro is going to go back to Silvermoon to watch the house for a little while, until I can hire someone else because Tiddia needs to go work soon.

I cannot even go see my sister because the Scryers know my face.

Why are you not here to rub the tear off of it and make me feel better?

Helaah 2 ← Seol 57 → Seol 58
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I was selfish to you.

I was happy to be a child for you to protect. I was happy to be inside the walls of Shattrath and not to need the hands and hooves of I to be fast to get food for we. I thought, now, I rest and be a child again, and the walls and the bodies of Vindicators of the Aldor protect I. I thought I had time to grow and to help the Light later. And I sat inside the walls, and the bodies of they and of the Shattered Sun and of Seol protected I.

But I am not so very small. I killed three elves on Bloodmyst. I crushed in the faces with a mace. I cried and I cried and I was so sad of the beautiful faces dead and I said I try and I try not to kill any more ones. And two months went. And two months I was happy in Shattrath, I was the wife of the husband of I, and two months he fought and he bled and blood was on he and I was so clean.

The sister of you is only a half of a century, and she walked to Shattrath to understand the love of you. And I heard she said to the angry you, she will not wait. She does not have the strength of adults but she has a strength to go so she goes right now.

Two months you bled and there was blood and dirty things on the ground of Draenor, and I bandaged people of the Shattered Sun and made armors and cared to you, but I sat inside the walls and other people fought and bled and made blood and died.

It is not wrong if I do this.

But I can not want to do it any more.

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Shattrath is incredibly dirty. I have no idea how Seol lives here. Or maybe I have an idea and it is that he likes to stand in the middle of this Lower City here with his golden armor and clean black hair and be a shining beacon of hope to all those poor ugly refugees.

After all, the best soldiers are in Northrend standing against Arthas so there is no one to outshine some scrawny two-copper Knight.

A draenei spat on Galenos when we passed the Aldor Rise.

I don't like this place.

Seol 56 ← Jiajia 4 → Astrolabe 28
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By the everloving Light, Jia.

So we meet up in the Blasted Lands, with all those killer hyenas and DEMONIC BOARS, and they're all dirty from traveling for days and the man's arm is even bleeding, and when Pietro and I come up to them crying and? When we say that Master Plumfall already asked some Shattered Sun soldiers to escort us to Shattrath? She got mad. It wasn't even "let's go home," what the fel.

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So I'm running out of RAF, and so I powered Jia and Galen and Pete and Cosimo up to 60.

And if you thought they had horrible outfits before... ... ... you have no idea.

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Now I will write down the things that happened in Silvermoon because I have calmed down. But by the Light you have strange ideas of what is humorous

My sister went on a trip. I am not as worried as Pietro is. When Jia began to go on outings with Galenos I was very worried, but actually he is very intelligent and good with a bow and Jia is as safe traveling with him as she is traveling with any Farstrider. And Jia is not just a good mage, but she is very sensible and does not do silly things. She will stay by the roads and travel in a group and go from Horde post to Horde post. In that way she really is a lot smarter than her brother who goes to try to make friends with the Alliance every few months.

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No, I can't just go to sleep.

Stela, she was so short and small, but there was no person, no danger of which she was afraid. She was clever and brave and did not suffer any sort of arbitrary obstacles or illogical rules. Of course sometimes she would lose and she would get frustrated and sad, and sometimes she'd just plain be wrong about whatever and have to change her stance, but no matter how many times she'd lost she did not give up her deep wishes. She did not wall herself up and stop listening to her feelings, stop believing in the deep truth of her feelings. She was really strong.

Stela with her red hair and her third set of teeth that was kind of crooked. Stela who would kick a boy in the face if he deserved it, even if she was wearing a skirt. Stela who was reading material five years ahead of schedule, Stela who maybe was smarter than even I.

Stela is maybe dead because of me.

I've got to help Jia.

Pietro 6 ← Cosimo 3 → Pietro 7
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Oh dear.

Miss Jia and Galenos ran off today while I was out with Cosimo. From the tone of their letter I am afraid they are going to Outland, an entirely inappropriate place for a small child to be, no matter how clever she thinks she is. Cosimo is distraught and I dare not mention that I suspect that Outland was her destination because he will surely go charging after her... and I am quite sure that, despite his advantage in years, he is much less competent than Jia.

And then the young master came home in tears saying that he has angered Miss Dix and that she will not be coming home to us. By L.! What am I supposed to do with this suit now??

-- I should not be worrying about such trivial things as suits when the two boys are crying themselves sick over the loss of their friends.

And Miss Dix is not coming home to us? Will she be safe wandering the Horde alone? Such an innocent soul -- so many scheming, handsome, clever rogues would take advantage of her.

I think I will miss her a great deal.

Astrolabe 24 ← Pietro 6 → Cosimo 3
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[Left on a table in Silvermoon.]


Galenos and I are going on a trip. I'm not sure when we'll be back. We'll probably see you again in a week or two.

By that time hopefully I'll understand you a bit better.

Seol 43 ← Jiajia 3 → Seol 44
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I hated my parents.

They never punished me. They were never angry or pleased with what I did. Sometimes I could annoy them and get them to leave me alone for a while. But mostly they didn't care at all.

It's not like they didn't notice or didn't know what was going on. The nanny or governess would always report everything to them. And I would always get the exact books I needed and clothes that were just the right size. And when I asked for a whole set of imported dolls with real doll-sized Mageweave clothes, they gave it to me. Because they loved me no matter what.

No matter what.

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Many levels have passed since the last update. What horrible clownsuits await you under the cut?

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L., is this the beginning of death-related dementia or is Miss Dix trying to flirt with me?

This is a hilarious and fascinating development. I think I will sit back and see what happens next.

Checotan has not yet replied to my letter. Given the time our correspondence seems to take, he must be traveling quite far. I wonder where -- I thought tallstriders were native to Mulgore?

Miss Jia and Cosimo are treating each other rather poorly; doubtless the beginnings of a young elven romance. I believe Galenos believes this as well, as he has been sulky and unfocused during our sign language lessons. Adorable and a bit disturbing.

Living with this family is a delight.

Cosimo 2 ← Pietro 3 → Pietro 4
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Dear Stela,

Where are you? What are you up to right now? I hope you're not dead somewhere safe and having fun learning. I wish I could be with you to help you with your studies but it looks like I may not be able to come home [smudged out]

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Written in a cipher of Common.

Finished moving all of my things besides the still, we decided it would have been too much of a hassle. No big loss; already found a buyer in Undercity and a supplier in Silvermoon. I don't think I'll use up my stockpile of oils before it's set up.

We've already filled up the new apartment with things and people -- Jia, Galenos, and me, and her five cats, and a new houseguest, Cosimo Eschatos from Dalaran. He is roughly the same age as Seol and is much more like one would expect a preadolescent boy to be. It seems he has no allies here, having just defected from the Alliance, so M. Plumfall is sheltering him. Choleric temperament, very rude, must be very frightened to be cut off from his family. Should try to include him in Jia's lessons without wounding his pride, he might feel a bit better.

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Jialen hit 40! ... and will probably stay there for a good while. Peteimo, meanwhile, have hit 15, and I'm preparing to run myself through RFC.


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I think I'm broken.

The Masters increased my salary again. I think they feel afraid because more Masters have left the Knights recently. So I have some money for our furniture.

But please do not buy too much. I want to buy a bigger apartment for Jia. More space would make her and Galenos happier. Also, I think I may hire a tutor to live with her and teach her. She does not want to go to school with other blood elf children. But she met a man in Undercity named Pietro Caro, and she says he is very kind and learned and is unhappy in Undercity. We talked, and we think he can teach her languages, history, and other things.

I am very happy that Jia now is not so angry at me.

But I'm broken

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... or, rather, kicking myself because I should have taken screenshots of Astro growing from 10 to 55. I only have 40 to 55.

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