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I went to the Cathedral of Stormwind, the way you asked. And I prayed for the health of the Light and for the peace of the Alliance and the Horde to you can sit in the pews some day also, the way you asked. And I tried to see the beautifulness of the building to carry the hope and sadness of Stormwind, the big stone boat, the way you asked. I tried to forgive it and see the beautifulness of it, the way you asked. But I could not do it very well because paladins kill and torture and break knees of "bad people" in the court yard every day I go to it.

You still say a human paladin, to use the shadow of the Cathedral to excuse any thing he does, any cruel thing, is the brother of you?

You have a bad, bad family.

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The pain died down, though the ghost is still around.

And I feel good. I am very interesting.

Seol is asleep and smells very nice.

and I happy, happy, happy, happy, happy

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My husband has made himself doubly confused.

Seol writes beautifully with the pen of doubt and belief, but twice he has doubled back and scrawled confusion over his words. The freshest ink reads, "I believe that I truly believe in my pleasure," but that is not the prayer his heart needs to raise up and gaze upon in order to heal his soul. For as he writes those words he frets about and doubts about the veracity of his beliefs, the possibility of a self-delusion, he may learn about what his mind considers necessary in order to deem some proposition true or false, but he will not learn to feel pleasure.

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I was selfish to you.

I was happy to be a child for you to protect. I was happy to be inside the walls of Shattrath and not to need the hands and hooves of I to be fast to get food for we. I thought, now, I rest and be a child again, and the walls and the bodies of Vindicators of the Aldor protect I. I thought I had time to grow and to help the Light later. And I sat inside the walls, and the bodies of they and of the Shattered Sun and of Seol protected I.

But I am not so very small. I killed three elves on Bloodmyst. I crushed in the faces with a mace. I cried and I cried and I was so sad of the beautiful faces dead and I said I try and I try not to kill any more ones. And two months went. And two months I was happy in Shattrath, I was the wife of the husband of I, and two months he fought and he bled and blood was on he and I was so clean.

The sister of you is only a half of a century, and she walked to Shattrath to understand the love of you. And I heard she said to the angry you, she will not wait. She does not have the strength of adults but she has a strength to go so she goes right now.

Two months you bled and there was blood and dirty things on the ground of Draenor, and I bandaged people of the Shattered Sun and made armors and cared to you, but I sat inside the walls and other people fought and bled and made blood and died.

It is not wrong if I do this.

But I can not want to do it any more.

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I saw the reason that Seol never did take me here, down there, upon the ground.

There aren't any gardens. There aren't any candles around the temple. There are still flames, though, big ones in the middle of the bones of the buildings. The Lost Ones lay down their bows and knives and smoke their fresh-caught roast: the fatty arm of a dark-skinned draenei.

There they are, eating my home.

I hate them.

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Dear Seol!

Common of I gets better and better if I write.

This year holiday of Azeroth Hallows End is at Draenor also. I think last year it was also there. But last year I was sad and I feared to leave Shattrath. So I did not go. But this year I do not fear, and I am also happy to get candies for I and for Seol. So I am to go!

So I got a grifon. I wanted a wivern friend, but I do not speak orc, and people suspect someone purple on a wivern. People do not suspect a purple person on a grifon. A problem was that dwarves do not sell grifons but give a gift of a grifon to big people of the Alliance. I am not of the Alliance, so I got a grifon from a goblin with a lot of money.

It was not money of you. It was money of black smith work of I. I am so happy of I.

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I can't stand this sound.

I can't stand the sound of the trampling and crushing and stomping that is supposed to be the healing. I can't stand the sound of the wish that took so much courage to wish for being chewed upon. I can't stand the sound of that tiny desire and hope being crumpled. He is crying and I   c a n ' t   s t a n d   t h e   s o u n d.

Stealing love from an innocent and weak, beautiful heart that struggles against all that weight to love at all, it's not fair. Laughing away unconditional love, painful love, it's not fair. It's evil. It's unforgivable.

I can't allow her to keep torturing him.

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Today we met Sir Champion OF EVIL!

He is a Scarlet Crusader. He is mean, breathes smoke, smells bad, and sells drugs. (bad drugs.) And he is a paladin. Therefore he needs to die in a Consecrate to learn of love and peace!

Be wary Stormwind!!! Sir Champion is in you!

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I did not learn a thing today.

Terokkar is pretty and dangerful. Mother of I is cold, but loves very much and does hard things to make child of she happy. Father of I is flake-ful and kind. Paladins are bad. Tiddia is not bad, inside. I am not a pretty woman who wears a dress. I felt windy and weird. Astrolabe is to wear pants, I think.

Seol is a pretty man of I love all of he. I love you. I am at the side of you. I stay and follow and we are married.

Everything is old. I did not learn a thing today.

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I am sorry. Tiddia went, and where I do not know. I think I did it of cause of I talked with Zula Slag Fury all day, of I want to learn of to black smith, of to make armor for little ones of Shattered Sun and to make money for husband of I, ... and I did not talk to Tiddia and make she safe feelings.

I am sad, to be friendy with she is hard but I think you are correct, the self inside is not bad. Just normal, she interests, like any person. And to understand she is hard but for people to understand I is hard so I feel sad and I feel I understand(?) (have feelings of solidarity) to feel to stand in to be same. But I did not know how to say I understand so I did not say a thing and we were not friends.

Paladins are really bad, bad.

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Of the cause that you are smart but a little stupid, this night, I ask again. But I make the test more easy:

Multiple choice!!

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Stupid failure face!

I asked him what my
best feature is and he said my MIND!!!

He should go break his back and see if I care, stupid shit husband!

Also, don't forget to buy salt, Briarthorn, wool, Eternal Lifes, and oil.

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Father was angry of he thought we had a wedding and did not ask him to come. He did not know we did not have a wedding. But I think of something.

I and you married. We did not have a wedding of no Aldor ritual, no Alliance and Horde marriage law etcetera. So, I am wife of you, and you are husband of I, of knowledge of we. I am happy with this, but I think.

We will do something? For father and others? So they are not angry of "we were not asked." You dislike this? Or it is nice, maybe?

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I hate paladins.

Answer for Seol:

I do not know how. Just to move to pleasure and away from not pleasure. It is too hard for you, you move away from not pleasure only. And we are happy to be with Astrolabe and Seol. Not to be correct. But to be happy.

It is our heresy of to kiss.

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Hello Seol, husband of I,

You are very smart and you write very much much more well than I. I am proud of you.

I want to [illegible] be happy with you and to write with you a lot more. It feels good.

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Hello Seol.

I went to Cathedral of Stormwind even though ugly breath of paladins is bad for sanity of I. But there I met a very kind night elf woman is 133 years.

She is sad, she worries very much, she works and always has hard not easy times. She fears things of the war but she protects people-things are weak and loved of her. I think she is strong and brave, of high position, but she does not think.

You know? Elves are stupid. She is Seol of Darnassus! And she goes and puts knives in Seols of Orgrimmar and Quel'Thalas! Elves hate elves of like brave-ness and (self-sacrifice). Yes yes to not war is hard but this is stupid. How can they so much stupid

Maybe night elf of 133 years is like Seol, but night elf of 11235813 years is not like Seol. But.

I thought I will feed every one chocolate to fix this but

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