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I was selfish to you.

I was happy to be a child for you to protect. I was happy to be inside the walls of Shattrath and not to need the hands and hooves of I to be fast to get food for we. I thought, now, I rest and be a child again, and the walls and the bodies of Vindicators of the Aldor protect I. I thought I had time to grow and to help the Light later. And I sat inside the walls, and the bodies of they and of the Shattered Sun and of Seol protected I.

But I am not so very small. I killed three elves on Bloodmyst. I crushed in the faces with a mace. I cried and I cried and I was so sad of the beautiful faces dead and I said I try and I try not to kill any more ones. And two months went. And two months I was happy in Shattrath, I was the wife of the husband of I, and two months he fought and he bled and blood was on he and I was so clean.

The sister of you is only a half of a century, and she walked to Shattrath to understand the love of you. And I heard she said to the angry you, she will not wait. She does not have the strength of adults but she has a strength to go so she goes right now.

Two months you bled and there was blood and dirty things on the ground of Draenor, and I bandaged people of the Shattered Sun and made armors and cared to you, but I sat inside the walls and other people fought and bled and made blood and died.

It is not wrong if I do this.

But I can not want to do it any more.

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Hello Seol.

I went to Cathedral of Stormwind even though ugly breath of paladins is bad for sanity of I. But there I met a very kind night elf woman is 133 years.

She is sad, she worries very much, she works and always has hard not easy times. She fears things of the war but she protects people-things are weak and loved of her. I think she is strong and brave, of high position, but she does not think.

You know? Elves are stupid. She is Seol of Darnassus! And she goes and puts knives in Seols of Orgrimmar and Quel'Thalas! Elves hate elves of like brave-ness and (self-sacrifice). Yes yes to not war is hard but this is stupid. How can they so much stupid

Maybe night elf of 133 years is like Seol, but night elf of 11235813 years is not like Seol. But.

I thought I will feed every one chocolate to fix this but

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Please stay in one damned place so I can find you!

And so I can bring you to our home. Our small house in the Lower City is almost finished. We and Abelar and Helaah will have our own beds and a kitchen for us. We will have four walls and wardrobes and furniture. And I have bought bowls and pans so we can cook for us and the refugees right away.

And I have bought chocolate for you. Astrolabe,

Astrolabe, come and write with me. Tell me what you are thinking.

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Guest post by Lynod

Dear Helaah,

Can you recall the happiest day of your life? Was it when we first met in the spring so long ago, separated by so many flasks and reagents that served as a catalyst for our love? Was it when you took my hand into your own and we walked those fateful steps before proclaiming ourselves as man and wife before the Light and all of Draenor?

Or was it when you first saw a baby girl staring at you from the safe refuge of your arms, far too fearless to even cry as she had emerged into a world unlike any she had experienced? I remember Astro's serene gurgle as her chubby hands stretched out to your face, seeming to reassure you as if she said, "Do not be afraid -- I love you."

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Hello Seol.

I like to have journal of you. In many times I feel (muteness) of I (echoing around this planet). I have a feeling of very big lonelyness. But in journal of you are journals you wrote to I. I like to read "Hello Astrolabe," you it seems like you were whispering forward to me, in reply to my incomprehensible sad rage.

Sorry I cannot write this well in Common. I learn very, very hard, I know more. No one knows I, but I knew this.

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Piled on a desk in an Aldor library: old notebooks full of scribbles, finely rendered landscapes, chaotic frenzies of stick figures; many copies of the same schoolhouse workbooks, painfully simple ones, with angry black marks or looping scribbles filling the answer blanks. A sketchbook, a real luxury item with bright white paper, a purple and gold Aldor symbol on the front, and not one drawing inside; a sewing kit, a set of blade-pens, a box of pigments; tiny bags of dried herbs that still smelled nice. And an envelope, stuffed fat with half-finished paper cuttings, figures carefully glued together, loose circles and triangles and squares.

At the front, on top of a small journal open to a page of neat Thalassian, a collection of notes scrawled in messy Common on bits of scrap paper, some slightly oil-stained as if they had been procured from a fishmonger. Collections of words: "feel" ... "things" ... "to be" ... "to grow" ... grouped by circles or linked by arrows, sometimes accompanied by small illustrative diagrams.

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T. tried to kill me today. I think she mistook me for some sort of apparition; I am not sure. But surely she must not care much for me if she still refuses to rest after she nearly slew me during sleep-induced hallucinations.

This upsets me. And it also makes me afraid. I need to hurry and finish writing. But even though I can usually control my tears quite well now, whenever I start to

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The Hierological Theories of Astrolabe of Tuurem.

[The rest of the page is blank.]

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I hate them. I hate all of them.

They don't kill to punish, they punish to kill. They use "vindication" as an excuse to destroy anything. They use "purity" to beautify an empty world. They like to kill -- they grasp the Light to poison it with anger and make it sick and make it suffer -- not to protect someone, or to heal his sadness, or to make the world safe and gentle.

Not even to survive, like the blood elves who made M'uru sick and dead.

They kill the Light because they want the Light to be angry and hateful and sick. And they are proud.

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Hello Seol

Common of I is not good. But night elves (night elves are not like blood (day?) elves any, you told I it) told I to Draenor is "Blasted Land" of "Eastern Kingdoms" (south). I am very far! Or I am not far. I go to forest is Ashen Vale to Barren to goblin ship to Strangle Thorn Vale. But I fear Horde fight draenei. So I (make my preparations) to I go.

I understand why the Horde would kill me on sight because I sound like the blood of blood elves, deafening. So even if they burn between me and him I cannot complain of their heat. Only cry. For the dead ones more than the one who lives. I'll drown it out eventually.

I told night elves I am not a paladin. I told them I am a warrior they to train. So they tell me to do things. I get armor, I know more Common (slow.) But I do not know more to fight. They want things. Like lumbers from Lumber Camp of orcs. I do not want to make orcs dead. So I know more to be quiet. Chainmail is hard to be quiet.

I know more and help people of villages. Night elves are not all nice. I do not like them very very much. But they are not bad. People of villages are people of villages. Like any place. And there are holier-than-they on Aldor Rise.

But soon I go. Vindicators tell of bad paladin ran away and they get me.

I wonder what the punishment is for deserting.

Probably not as bad as the one for heresy.

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Plum flowers are falling on Bloodmyst Isle. If you are able, please climb a tall hill so that you can see them.

I do not mind if you think that they are ugly. Or if you think the tree is poisoned, please cut it down. But I want you to see them so that I do not become crazy.

I love all your ideas.

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Esteemed Abelar and Helaah,

It is I who have failed you. Do not blame Aesom or Boros; I am entirely at fault for the disaster that your family now suffers, of which it is my duty to regretfully inform you.

Your daughter, Astrolabe, whom Aesom saw fit to assign to me as an apprentice in the way of the Light, has run away. She has not done so out of cowardice but because I provoked her to this course of action.

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I hate you Your mind is like the minds of the Legion.

Your Hand is opposite the hand of the man'ari.

I will not kill them. The words will not come back. You cannot read at all because of the glare of the Light.

I will NEVER be a paladin

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Why aren't you writing to me?

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