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I'm sorry for          I hope you're not angry at me     mad at me for saying nasty   all in a snit for telling you like it is because that isn't what my Ellysse is like.

Anyway, I hope you had a fun Hallow's End down there in the south. Just in case you didn't get anything at all, like a friendless, rank old cat lady except without the cats, here's a trick and a treat for you.

Write soon,

[enclosed, a flipbook depicting Amirael engaged in a lewd and nasty -- to a comically exaggerated degree -- striptease, discoloration and rot rendered in unflatteringly photorealistic detail. Thankfully, when the pants come off, a knobby, floating pickle obscures the worst of it from view.

And in a box beneath it, a 'necklace' made of delicate, glass-like candy beads.]

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OK, so I may be cheating a little bit by posting stuff from Nov 1 morning in here, but I also want to post:

Happy Hallow's End!

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So today I decided to do the Southshore quests for Hallow's End on Seol. Apparently you can do this without flagging... ... ... except that I was wearing a shield with a spike on it, so whenever the guards hit me, I flagged. And did not realize this until after I finished both quests. /sob

... However.

The first time I accidentally flagged, two 80s whose names I sadly did not record, a male dwarf paladin and a female(?) night elf druid, followed me as I fled from town and attacked me. Feeling ashamed of my mistake, and also not really being a PvP type of person (even when they chose to attack me,) I sat there and waited for them to kill me (with a /greet, /welcome, and /twiddle.)


They didn't do a very good job of it.

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Dear Seol!

Common of I gets better and better if I write.

This year holiday of Azeroth Hallows End is at Draenor also. I think last year it was also there. But last year I was sad and I feared to leave Shattrath. So I did not go. But this year I do not fear, and I am also happy to get candies for I and for Seol. So I am to go!

So I got a grifon. I wanted a wivern friend, but I do not speak orc, and people suspect someone purple on a wivern. People do not suspect a purple person on a grifon. A problem was that dwarves do not sell grifons but give a gift of a grifon to big people of the Alliance. I am not of the Alliance, so I got a grifon from a goblin with a lot of money.

It was not money of you. It was money of black smith work of I. I am so happy of I.

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I know you try to make a joke with the mask and the "now you will love me because I am a blood elf" but it's not Various things happened today.

I was afraid to confess to Tiddia so I did not go home to the apartment in Silvermoon quickly. I went to M'uru's room instead because I wanted to feel that love so I would be a little braver. But I found Shuuken there. It was strange. She said she heard music that called her there. I wonder if Shuuken "hears" the spirits and the breath of the earth the way that I "feel" the Light.

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