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The young elf leaned his head back against the cushions, watching the violet-skinned girl dry her hair. With those fragile wrists and tiny fingers, her small body curving forward, the delicate shapes of her spine and shoulderblades showing through the thin cloth of her undershirt, she was roughly scrubbing her head and horns without a hint of elegance or grace. She lowered the cloth and tossed her wet hair, sneezed, and smeared her nose against her arm; then she blinked as the boy began to laugh at her.

He restrained his chuckling and shook his head, a characteristic awkward smile twisting his lips, and waved apologetically at the glaring girl. "You are cute," he said, truthfully.

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Guest post by Lynod

Dearest Helaah,

I should be happy today. Today I have truly gained a son. Today I have seen my daughter's greatest wish realized. I have thought about this occasion for decades, planning little scenarios and feeling a rush of pride and joy within my breast.

I feel none of that today, however, which confirms the selfishness within me. I, we, Helaah have lost Astrolabe to adulthood. I have always delighted in the precociousness that has dwelled in our strange, beautiful daughter, but I feel like it has brought me heartache now. I expected that I had decades before my precious flower was plucked, and I suppose I did not expect it despite all of the signs of burgeoning.

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