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I'm sorry for          I hope you're not angry at me     mad at me for saying nasty   all in a snit for telling you like it is because that isn't what my Ellysse is like.

Anyway, I hope you had a fun Hallow's End down there in the south. Just in case you didn't get anything at all, like a friendless, rank old cat lady except without the cats, here's a trick and a treat for you.

Write soon,

[enclosed, a flipbook depicting Amirael engaged in a lewd and nasty -- to a comically exaggerated degree -- striptease, discoloration and rot rendered in unflatteringly photorealistic detail. Thankfully, when the pants come off, a knobby, floating pickle obscures the worst of it from view.

And in a box beneath it, a 'necklace' made of delicate, glass-like candy beads.]

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Dear Amy,

I hope you have been faring well and not suffering too much torturous anticipation of my next letter. My apologies for getting it out so late; when not madly fiddling with your not-so-furry friend (which I do hope that dear boy Chry has delivered to you by now -- I would not like to know what sort of depraved thoughts might be running through your twisted little head upon reading those words, if he has not) or enjoying the seasonal festivities a bit more than a priestess probably had ought, I have been distracted by all manner of thoughts.

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