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Isaac Black ([personal profile] seol_plumfall) wrote2010-11-28 02:20 am

→Elly 7: To absent squirrelfriends

Dear Mister Chry,

Hello! I like to read the letters. Because I like to study Thalassian. Please write it a lot.

I have my health. Stormwind had a lot of fire. But I was not in Stormwind. I wrote it to A-m-i-r-a-e-l. I told him to write. But he did not. Please punish him. I worried a lot.

Ratchet safe is good! We may go there. I and friend in my letter A-m-i-r-a-e-l has. But now continue to go north. Please tell A-m-i-r I expect his meeting.

May also I see you? I like to see Silvermoon I had never seen. Also I like to see Quel Danas. But I do not like to make you some danger.

Now the danger to see Stormwind is a lot. Please do not come. But sometime you may see. You do not need to hurry. Stormwind has destroyed, built, and changed many times in the time from your born to now.

But I am still sad. Because the park has destroyed. I was not there is good. Because I could be the ghoul of A-m-i-r-a-e-l now. To be the ghoul of A-m-i-r is the best life(?) of a ghoul. But I eagerly do not choose it now.

I do not like a war to soon begin again. Maybe we need to end the
Twilight's Hammer cult and black dragons. But I will be very mad if Wrynn starts hock a loogie at Warchief Thrall.

[Here, a somewhat crudely-drawn cartoon of a secondary-school aged Varian harassing a similarly miniature Thrall, the educational illustration helpfully labeled "To hock a loogie."]

And then probably I will join the
Argent Crusade. High Lord Fordring has a better tree clubhouse.

Does A-m-i-r have a plan? Should he come to
Hearthglen and be the only runesmith! I will sleep in his couch and leave dirty clothing on the floor. He will like it!

Please give him my XOXOX.

With warmest affection,


[personal profile] chryseth 2010-11-29 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
Dear Elly,

I have made letter & drawings for squirrelfriend; XOXOXOs conveyed graphically. If have other ideas to send I can make more drawings? Extra pickle added for her pleasure!

[scribble of a very large sandwich, laden with pickle slices.]

When you are near QT I come smuggle into tourism. Show sights, we can have lunches. Swimming in fountain if weather is firey. In ruined part of city is broken malworking arcane sentries, made with runemagics; we can take apart if wanted? Parts for free.

I have made some drawings for you; give to squirrelfriend if desire.

[Elly making her way across an Ebon Blade bachelor pad (now with 100% more ghoul chewtoys and runesmith tools), leaving clothing strewn in her wake. A bunch of Argent paladins in a treehouse, evidently playing; a crudely written sign in Common says "NO SCOURGE ALLOWED"; Amy pointedly NOT LOOKING at Elly as she flashes him.]

Send word if I can help in travels. Kalimdor is my backyard or was before burnings. Lordaeron I know less but have friends.

Suffer well and have hugs!