seol_plumfall: (empty)
2010-11-01 04:17 am

→Amy 3: Hallow's End


I'm sorry for          I hope you're not angry at me     mad at me for saying nasty   all in a snit for telling you like it is because that isn't what my Ellysse is like.

Anyway, I hope you had a fun Hallow's End down there in the south. Just in case you didn't get anything at all, like a friendless, rank old cat lady except without the cats, here's a trick and a treat for you.

Write soon,

[enclosed, a flipbook depicting Amirael engaged in a lewd and nasty -- to a comically exaggerated degree -- striptease, discoloration and rot rendered in unflatteringly photorealistic detail. Thankfully, when the pants come off, a knobby, floating pickle obscures the worst of it from view.

And in a box beneath it, a 'necklace' made of delicate, glass-like candy beads.]