seol_plumfall: (empty)
Isaac Black ([personal profile] seol_plumfall) wrote2010-12-28 10:19 am

→Lebanah 1: to the paladin and to the mage

[in a blocky, somewhat wobbly script, as if the stylus used to write it had been gripped in a clumsy, childlike fist:]

Mayhue,   Elise.

In Stormwind without death, injury.

Hurried, crowded, noisy, dangerous, and shelter for one night.   Tomorrow, the sea.

Kindness for the snarled and strange is rare.   I would repay with like, but have this only.


[Enclosed, with enormous care taken to protect it from leaks or breaks, is a small vial containing a dark brown, resiny oil. If opened to take a whiff, the scent is quite powerful, reminiscent of Northeronian religious incense.]

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