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Isaac Black ([personal profile] seol_plumfall) wrote2009-12-16 12:08 am

→Astrolabe 31: Astrolabe and the Cathedral


I went to the Cathedral of Stormwind, the way you asked. And I prayed for the health of the Light and for the peace of the Alliance and the Horde to you can sit in the pews some day also, the way you asked. And I tried to see the beautifulness of the building to carry the hope and sadness of Stormwind, the big stone boat, the way you asked. I tried to forgive it and see the beautifulness of it, the way you asked. But I could not do it very well because paladins kill and torture and break knees of "bad people" in the court yard every day I go to it.

You still say a human paladin, to use the shadow of the Cathedral to excuse any thing he does, any cruel thing, is the brother of you?

You have a bad, bad family.

However not all the people of the Cathedral are all very bad. A priest was very smelly and had a strange look. And he said I could take the books and take the books back the way we need. And he said the patient things and showed a kind face even I poked, smelled, stared and did things to annoy he. Funny! A priest looks and smells not like a priest but has the patience not many priests have. He impressed.

And you know? I learned the name of he, and he is THE TARGET.

Naughty cackle, naughty cackle, naughty cackle!

Please let my writing make you laugh so that your tears will be of laughter and not sadness anymore okay?

Seol 67 ← Astrolabe 31

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