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To that depraved, eccentric, and thoroughly silly rune-dilettante, Ellysse:

Good to hear that neither you nor I have been crisped by the marauding black dragonflight as of yet; I wouldn't want to be deprived of my favorite target for potshots and inappropriate propositions. I suppose that if you're out of the Wetlands the greater threat is now your following a ley line right off a cliff or wading into a tar pit after something shiny. It's no wonder that humans reproduce so fast -- got to replace all those adults lost to their own stupidity.

Don't try to set yourself apart from those types, o green city girl who chooses as her first adventure a two-man romp through hostile wilderness during the winter months. Although I suppose that if you perish somewhere in the snowy mountains of Quel'thalas I'd be able to track down your body and raise it as a ghoul (and thereby make you more useful and companionable to me than you have ever been!) I really don't have the time, inclination, or cleated climbing boots to do so. And, furthermore, my current Fluffykins is an excellent assistant, and a lumbering, brain-sucking undead Ellysse would probably be a step down in quality.

And so unless you elect to mail yourself to Acherus to spare me the trek, I'd recommend you take appropriate precautions against an early icy end. I've enclosed some help with that, as I doubt you are competent enough to locate some by yourself, though if you prefer the first option you should find enough coins enclosed to cover the postage. Unless you've gained considerably since I saw you last, in which case: you're fat.

With love and holiday cheer,

[enclosed, a somewhat clumsily-knitted but still-warm blanket.]

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The young elf leaned his head back against the cushions, watching the violet-skinned girl dry her hair. With those fragile wrists and tiny fingers, her small body curving forward, the delicate shapes of her spine and shoulderblades showing through the thin cloth of her undershirt, she was roughly scrubbing her head and horns without a hint of elegance or grace. She lowered the cloth and tossed her wet hair, sneezed, and smeared her nose against her arm; then she blinked as the boy began to laugh at her.

He restrained his chuckling and shook his head, a characteristic awkward smile twisting his lips, and waved apologetically at the glaring girl. "You are cute," he said, truthfully.

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Astrolabe, sweet of my heart,

I feel much better today. Yesterday I was able to go to the market and the tavern in Shattrath to look for foods and wines for Jelleneth. I met her at the tavern and I talked to her without becoming frightened, too. I was even able to talk about that man who I dislike frightens me without feeling frightened. I think I shall send him some cupcakes, and Jelleneth suggested some sweets from Draenor, so that he does not suspect ill will from me. For whatever my selfish personal feelings may be, he is Jelleneth's unworthy suitor dear friend and I must not allow bad feelings to grow between us.

And today I was able to go to Orgrimmar and buy lots of candy and things to cook. Talking to the strangers did not make me feel frightened at all because I was so excited about cooking with you and sending the gifts to people. I feel better. I feel at ease.

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