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I went to the Cathedral of Stormwind, the way you asked. And I prayed for the health of the Light and for the peace of the Alliance and the Horde to you can sit in the pews some day also, the way you asked. And I tried to see the beautifulness of the building to carry the hope and sadness of Stormwind, the big stone boat, the way you asked. I tried to forgive it and see the beautifulness of it, the way you asked. But I could not do it very well because paladins kill and torture and break knees of "bad people" in the court yard every day I go to it.

You still say a human paladin, to use the shadow of the Cathedral to excuse any thing he does, any cruel thing, is the brother of you?

You have a bad, bad family.

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So today I decided to do the Southshore quests for Hallow's End on Seol. Apparently you can do this without flagging... ... ... except that I was wearing a shield with a spike on it, so whenever the guards hit me, I flagged. And did not realize this until after I finished both quests. /sob

... However.

The first time I accidentally flagged, two 80s whose names I sadly did not record, a male dwarf paladin and a female(?) night elf druid, followed me as I fled from town and attacked me. Feeling ashamed of my mistake, and also not really being a PvP type of person (even when they chose to attack me,) I sat there and waited for them to kill me (with a /greet, /welcome, and /twiddle.)


They didn't do a very good job of it.

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I made a mistake. I was very tired while studying and I fell asleep. And now I woke up and the draenei potion has stopped working, and I am here in the basement of the Cathedral of Stormwind with my long ears and green eyes and no armor at all.

I am afraid I am going to die.

And I must make a confession to you if I am going to die.

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I hate them. I hate all of them.

They don't kill to punish, they punish to kill. They use "vindication" as an excuse to destroy anything. They use "purity" to beautify an empty world. They like to kill -- they grasp the Light to poison it with anger and make it sick and make it suffer -- not to protect someone, or to heal his sadness, or to make the world safe and gentle.

Not even to survive, like the blood elves who made M'uru sick and dead.

They kill the Light because they want the Light to be angry and hateful and sick. And they are proud.

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