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[in a blocky, somewhat wobbly script, as if the stylus used to write it had been gripped in a clumsy, childlike fist:]

Mayhue,   Elise.

In Stormwind without death, injury.

Hurried, crowded, noisy, dangerous, and shelter for one night.   Tomorrow, the sea.

Kindness for the snarled and strange is rare.   I would repay with like, but have this only.


[Enclosed, with enormous care taken to protect it from leaks or breaks, is a small vial containing a dark brown, resiny oil. If opened to take a whiff, the scent is quite powerful, reminiscent of Northeronian religious incense.]

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- 600g to replace stock of resins, etc.
- 300g for out-of-season scents
- 60g for an outfit for Miss Dix
- 30g for a hair appointment
- 10g for next month's coffee beans

Don't forget!

Pietro 3 ← Pietro 4 → Seol 33
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The Antipoop for the orcish wild-girl Miss Shu
orange blossom, lemongrass, galbanum, white mints, iris(!!!) frankincense

Miss Dix is a most interesting and adorably stupid young lady, quite unlike the usual types one meets in Undercity. I think I can imagine why her safety is so important to the young master. I must probe further to see what else:

Rosemary, pepper(slight), magnolia, ...?

Hours of entertainment in my future, L.

Cosimo 1 ← Pietro 2 → Seol 30
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Written in a cipher of Common.

Finished moving all of my things besides the still, we decided it would have been too much of a hassle. No big loss; already found a buyer in Undercity and a supplier in Silvermoon. I don't think I'll use up my stockpile of oils before it's set up.

We've already filled up the new apartment with things and people -- Jia, Galenos, and me, and her five cats, and a new houseguest, Cosimo Eschatos from Dalaran. He is roughly the same age as Seol and is much more like one would expect a preadolescent boy to be. It seems he has no allies here, having just defected from the Alliance, so M. Plumfall is sheltering him. Choleric temperament, very rude, must be very frightened to be cut off from his family. Should try to include him in Jia's lessons without wounding his pride, he might feel a bit better.

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Rather than a proper character ramble on a deep theme, one-sentence responses to prompts/questions. It's like a meme!

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