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[in a blocky, somewhat wobbly script, as if the stylus used to write it had been gripped in a clumsy, childlike fist:]

Mayhue,   Elise.

In Stormwind without death, injury.

Hurried, crowded, noisy, dangerous, and shelter for one night.   Tomorrow, the sea.

Kindness for the snarled and strange is rare.   I would repay with like, but have this only.


[Enclosed, with enormous care taken to protect it from leaks or breaks, is a small vial containing a dark brown, resiny oil. If opened to take a whiff, the scent is quite powerful, reminiscent of Northeronian religious incense.]

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My dear Amy,

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write to you. I could list a myriad excuses, blame the civil unrest in city, or complain to you about the hassle and heartbreak of untangling myself from my mothers and fathers within the Church, but I can't help but think that by doing so I would imply that those things are more important to me than my friendship with you, and that isn't true. And so all I can do, I suppose, is hope you accept my apologies.

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Dear Brother Sandy,

I am that eccentric former sister about which I am sure dear Mayhew has already related a great deal of bizarre and humorous anecdotes. He may also have told you about diffuse plans of mine to leave Stormwind and travel the land, with the possibility of accompanying me as an armed escort; the letter that will be accompanying mine will, I believe, let you know that these plans have become rather less speculative in the past few weeks and that we will begin heading north very soon.

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Dear Amy,

I thought I would write to let you know I arrived back home safely and without incident. Luckily, too, as a summer storm came blowing in off the Great Sea right after my ship came to port. It's the season for tempests here; when it's not pouring and thundering, we get to broil under the sun. Quite a change, after spending so much time up north! Once upon a time I was used to this climate, and now I can't even quite imagine how I coped as a girl. Even a linen habit feels oppressively hot; I'm almost tempted to strip and walk the streets naked, but even if one disregards the danger of sun-burn, the law regrettably forecloses that choice.

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