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The things that pass for theological discussion in the Horde are really pitiful. Some paladin thinks he is very intellectual to stand up and lecture us about how we should be "united" without any solutions for enmity of undead and holy users, etcetera. The conclusion is "do not fight your allies because it is bad" and everyone applauds this profound statement.


I would like to see the disputationes of my mother Chihra's generation revived. A sermon which forbids disagreement is a little bit sick. Fearfully, it closes up to ideas that might nourish it. And everyone must listen, even to a thing that, to his heart, is very wrong, with no chance to protect his truth.

Your people had disputations, too, I think? Being people of the intellectual and arcane way and the holy way, like high elves were. Do they still happen? Or maybe disagreement is sealed up in the Alliance like in the Horde because people are afraid.

I promise I will write the last section soon. But I am so sleepy tonight.

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Hello Seol.

I like to have journal of you. In many times I feel (muteness) of I (echoing around this planet). I have a feeling of very big lonelyness. But in journal of you are journals you wrote to I. I like to read "Hello Astrolabe," you it seems like you were whispering forward to me, in reply to my incomprehensible sad rage.

Sorry I cannot write this well in Common. I learn very, very hard, I know more. No one knows I, but I knew this.

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I miss you, Astrolabe.

The Knights sent me to assist another Master in the Grizzly Hills of Northrend. Her heart is more soft than mine, which is very strange. She is sad and angry at the war of the Alliance and the Horde. She asked why they do not join one another against the Scourge. I did not answer, but there are many reasons. I think you will know some of them soon.

I also think it would be better to stop fighting. But it is not very easy. People want to continue to live the way that they live. But sometimes the way one person lives stops another person from living the way she wants to live. It is hard to make peace, even when people want peace.

I try not to put more anger into the war, but I cannot stop it all alone.

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