seol_plumfall: (empty) kept its gaze steady on the hippogryph as she drew closer, cocked her head, and began to tentatively beak at the rising stream of smoke. )

It didn't move, didn't speak, not until the hippogryph had drawn back to peer at the knight with critical amber eyes. It leaned back, then, to take pipe in hand once more and look sidelong at the Sentinel, Scourge-blue eyes narrowed. "She has a name," came that dead voice, soft and low. "It's Bonnie."

It took a moment for Atalania to recover her wits... )

[the remainder to be posted later!]
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Dear Amy,

I hope you have been faring well and not suffering too much torturous anticipation of my next letter. My apologies for getting it out so late; when not madly fiddling with your not-so-furry friend (which I do hope that dear boy Chry has delivered to you by now -- I would not like to know what sort of depraved thoughts might be running through your twisted little head upon reading those words, if he has not) or enjoying the seasonal festivities a bit more than a priestess probably had ought, I have been distracted by all manner of thoughts.

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Dear Amy,

I thought I would write to let you know I arrived back home safely and without incident. Luckily, too, as a summer storm came blowing in off the Great Sea right after my ship came to port. It's the season for tempests here; when it's not pouring and thundering, we get to broil under the sun. Quite a change, after spending so much time up north! Once upon a time I was used to this climate, and now I can't even quite imagine how I coped as a girl. Even a linen habit feels oppressively hot; I'm almost tempted to strip and walk the streets naked, but even if one disregards the danger of sun-burn, the law regrettably forecloses that choice.

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