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Astrolabe, sweet of my heart,

I feel much better today. Yesterday I was able to go to the market and the tavern in Shattrath to look for foods and wines for Jelleneth. I met her at the tavern and I talked to her without becoming frightened, too. I was even able to talk about that man who I dislike frightens me without feeling frightened. I think I shall send him some cupcakes, and Jelleneth suggested some sweets from Draenor, so that he does not suspect ill will from me. For whatever my selfish personal feelings may be, he is Jelleneth's unworthy suitor dear friend and I must not allow bad feelings to grow between us.

And today I was able to go to Orgrimmar and buy lots of candy and things to cook. Talking to the strangers did not make me feel frightened at all because I was so excited about cooking with you and sending the gifts to people. I feel better. I feel at ease.

Perhaps I will even be able to report to the Masters in Silvermoon tomorro

Perhaps I am not as well as I thought I was.

I must remember to ask you who it is you have been assigned for the "Secret Grandda" gift exchange. I hope it is someone whom we can like. If you have trouble reading a letter in Common, I will help make it into easier words for you.

Even if I cannot               tomorrow, I must make myself go outside. If I stay inside I feel sicker and sicker and more frightened. So even if I cannot go to Silvermoon tomorrow I will go to buy things for gifts for people from the ethereals and the Bladespire ogres.

I will get better and strong again.

I will get better and strong again.

I will not be sick forever.

I will be strong, like Astrolabe is.

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